Below are some of my favorite pieces in our new home.

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1. West Elm Haven Sofa

A living room couch was the first big purchase in our new apartment. I spent a lot of time doing research on couches and I wrote this post with reviews of our favorites that we tested in person. We are so happy with the Haven sofa from West Elm. It was well within our budget, crazy comfortable, and the performance canvas has held up to daily use by our pets. At this price point you can’t get a better couch than the Haven.

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2. CB2 Marble Coffee Table

A coffee table was our next purchase after the sofa. I also did a ton of research on coffee tables and we decided on this classic marble-topped table from CB2. The base makes the classic materials used in this table look modern. Clean lines, quality materials, and a very reasonable price point make this the coffee table that I literally recommend to everyone in the market for one.



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3. CB2 Counter Table

This. table. is. the. best. I could not be happier with this purchase. Figuring out our dining table situation was a bit of an ordeal (read about it here), but we ended up using a counter table and stools in our kitchen. While I originally wanted a marble top table, I am so glad that we went with wood instead. It’s less high maintenance than marble and has been easy to clean. As an added bonus, it also doubles as counter space when Jeff and I are cooking.

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4. CB2 Counter Stool

You can’t go wrong with these stools. They are great quality, the price is reasonable compared to similar options, and they are actually very comfortable. You can see all of the stools we considered in this post. Between working, cooking, eating, and just hanging out - I literally spend hours on these stools every day. They are great and I highly recommend them.

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5. DWR Floor Mirror

Fun fact - this is my first full length mirror! I have been looking for a great mirror for years, but didn’t have a great place to put one in my old apartment. Our new bedroom has the perfect spot for one, so I waited for a DWR sale and jumped on this one. It is beautiful. This is an investment piece, but I know it’s something I will have forever. As an added bonus, since it leans against the wall I don’t need to put holes in the wall to display it. I am very happy with this purchase.

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6. CB2 Planter

It’s no secret that I love plants. I even have an entire series on this blog devoted to plants, plant care, and plants in decor called Green Sauce. All of this is to say that I know a thing or two about planters at this point (see my posts on planters here, here, and here) and this one is my favorite - hands down. High quality, great shape (I have a thing for sculptural ceramics), and a low price point make it a great buy that I am thrilled with.

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7. Target Touraco Chest

When we moved into our apartment I wasn’t totally sure how to accommodate our pets. At our old apartment Ozzie (our cat) ate on the counter (not ideal!), but at the same time his food can’t be on the floor where Ivy (our dog) can get to it. There is a small recessed nook in our kitchen that I decided to turn into a pet nook (see the before and after here). It was immediately clear to me that I needed closed storage for all of their stuff that could double for a place to Ozzie to eat on. This chest was the perfect solution. Great design, relatively affordable, easy to put together, and it solved our problem completely.

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8. Amazon Roman Shades

Just when I was about to spend thousands of dollars on custom blinds, I looked on Amazon for shades that would fit our living room windows. These happened to fit perfectly (there are a lot of size options) and have worked out well for us. Jeff installed them easily and the shades have been great with daily use. If you’re looking to save on a minimal window treatment solution, you can’t go wrong with these shades (just make sure you measure!).

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9. Rejuvination Task Lamp

I used this lamp in my living room at my old apartment and am so glad that I can repurpose it in our new home. This light will be on my desk and I am excited to share my desk area with you soon! This is a great task lamp that mixes metals perfectly. You can’t go wrong with any lighting from Rejuvination.

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10. Wayfair Dresser

If you’ve been following me for a while you know that when I sold my old apartment, I moved in with Jeff while we looked for our new place. It ended up taking us months to find our new place and I needed an inexpensive dresser for my clothes and decided on this one from Wayfair. I customized the dresser by adding this hardware. When we moved, the dresser actually worked perfectly in our new bedroom. This piece is a reasonable price, real wood (hard to find at this price), and very easy to customize. In my opinion, this one of the best non-thrifted options in the under-$500 price range.

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11. West Elm 20” Velvet Pillow

I am not known for decorating with a lot of color. While I tend to decorate mainly with neutrals, I incorporate pops of color into my designs with accents like pillows. This jewel tone (one of my favorite decor elements!) pillow cover from West Elm was one that I used in my old apartment and the combination of color and texture made it the perfect accent that works in our new apartment too.

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12. Rejuvination Cylinder Table Lamp

This is another lamp I had in my old apartment and it has such a classic design that it works perfectly in our new living room. Rejuvination is one of my favorite sources for lighting and the combination of black and gold is perfect. I am always on the lookout for pieces that are simultaneously modern yet classic and this is in that category for sure.